Thursday, May 17, 2018

Graduation Dress Code

Concert style dress, but can be any colors students would like.
Boys: Slacks, button up shirts, dress shoes. Ties and jackets are acceptable as well. No shorts, t-shirts, or casual sneakers. Students may put sneakers on after graduation.
Girls: Dresses, slacks and blouses, skirts and blouses all acceptable. Please make sure that shoulders are covered. Ladies may wear a short heel and any jewelry they like. No nail polish or makeup.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Final Dates and Important Information

Here we are one week away from the last day of instruction for your fifth graders here at Archway!

Important Dates: 

Endocrine Test:  Open note - On Friday, May 18
ELA Test: Monday, May 21

Math Test: Wednesday, May 23
Review Roots Test: Wednesday, May 23

For our Science in house field trip Monday we will be having a culinary chemistry demonstration:  They will be using and consuming White Chocolate, jelly, applesauce, and coconut.  If your child has a food allergy to any of these please send me an e-mail or hand written note.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Important Dates and Graduation

Graduation Info

The 5th grade graduation will take place at the Chandler Prep Gymnasium. Doors open at 9:15 and the ceremony will begin at 9:30. Reception to follow.

Please enter through the CPA doors on the east side of the building. If you are taking an Archway student to watch their older sibling graduation, you must enter through the Archway doors and sign them out. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the reception in the MPR after the graduation. However, all Archway students must return to their classes promptly after the ceremony.

If you would like to sign up for to help with the reception please go to this link:

For any questions, contact me or Mrs. Richardson.

Upcoming Important Dates

Puberty and Human Growth Lessons: May 10th and 11th
Unit 11 Test: Thursday, May 10th
Westward Expansion After the Civil War OPEN BOOK test: Friday, Math 11th
Spelling Test: May 11th
Culinary Chemistry in school field trip: May 21st

We are memorizing the poem "If" by Ruyard Kipling for the graduation ceremony. The memorization timeline is as follows:

Paragraph 1: 5/11
Paragraph 2: 5/14
Paragraph 3: 5/16
Paragraph 4: 5/18

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Plus One Day!!

Archway Chandler Spirit Day! Dress Code
During the school day, we will celebrate our achievement by allowing students to have a dress down day. The best way to describe it is to think of it as “Jeans and School Colors”.  We believe the dress code below will allow all students to enjoy the more casual dress code without anyone needing to purchase anything new.

Of course, anyone who chooses may wear their uniform. But for those who would like the alternative for the day, we have the following guidelines. All attire must be free of inappropriate logos or messages.

·       School uniforms, denim jeans or shorts, athletic shorts, pants, or leggings.
·       No sweatpants, pajama bottoms.

·       Any shirt that coordinates with the school colors. That is, the shirt must include blue and/or red/maroon.
·       These can include but do not need to be club or athletic attire, spirit wear, or uniform polos.
·       No sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or camisoles. All shirts must be modest, loose fitting, and in good repair.
·       Free of inappropriate messages.

·       Closed-toe shoes (including tennis shoes, casual shoes, flats, boots) are all acceptable.
·       No slippers, open-toed footwear, or shoes with heels above 1½”.

·       No hats or sunglasses may be worn in the school.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Important Dates to Know and Concert Information

Happy Wednesday!

Tonight is our spring concert. 5th grade students' call time is 6:25 at the Higley Center for the Performing Arts, 4132 East Pecos Road, Gilbert AZ. The concert will be 45 minutes. 

It is time for our 5th grade t-shirt contest! The students are invited to create a design for the 5th grade graduation t-shirts. The design must fit on an 8x11 sheet of paper, must be Great Hearts related, and must somehow include the virtues. Final designs are due on Thursday, May 3rd to Ms. Baker.

Other Dates to Remember:
Nervous System and Brain Test: Wednesday, May 2nd
Civil War Test Test: Monday, April 30th
Civil War Poetry Project due Friday, April 27th
Civil War Study Guide due Friday, April 27th
No School: Friday, May 4th

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Dear Parents,

Today was our last day of standardized testing. Some students will need to go back on Monday or Tuesday to makeup anything they missed or did not finish.

Next week, we will start a fun, new method of studying roots in preparation for next year.
The roots and words for next week and their derivatives are below. Students will need to know spellings and definitions.

Roots and Derivatives 4/16-4/20

Spelling Words: musician, music, plane, plain, problem, rehearsal, rehearse, removal, removed, remove

Students will be memorizing the Gettysburg Address in the next few weeks. The first sentence is due on Monday. You can find the breakdown here.

1st paragraph due 4/16
2nd 4/18
3rd 4/20
4th 4/23

Upcoming Tests
Muscles Test, Monday 4/16
Unit 10 Math Test, Wednesday 4/18

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tests/Testing Update

Today is our last day of AZ Merit testing. If your child missed a day, they will be making it up this week. 

Spelling Test: Friday, April 13th
MAP Testing: Friday,April 13th
Muscles Test: Monday, April 16th
Unit 10 Math Test: Wednesday, April 18th

Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday, April 9th, 2018

This Week:

Students will be tested on the last section of math and reading AZ Merit tomorrow morning. Make sure they have a good breakfast and lots of rest!

ELA: Students will continue to learn about patterns 4 and 5 and the different roles of prepositional phrases
Literature: We will continue reading Across Five Aprils. 
Math: Students will review line plots and coordinate graphs.
Science: Students will continue to learn about the muscles. We will test on Friday or Monday depending on how far we get this week. You will be updated on this shortly.
History: We will continue learning about the Civil War.

Spelling Words:

ignorance, ignorant, ignore, indication, indicate, interference, interfere, leadership, messenger, message

  • Barbarous (G) foreign
  • Derivatives to use:
    • Barbarian, barbarous, barbaric, barbarism, barbarity, rhubarb
  • Orthos (G) straight, correct
  • Derivatives to use:
    • Orthodox, orthography, orthodontist, orthopedist, orthotics 
  • Dokein (G) think, have an opinion, suppose
  • Derivatives to use:
o   Doxology, orthodoxy, heterodoxy, paradox, paradoxical, dogma, dogmatic, dogmatism

Graduation Dress Code

Concert style dress, but can be any colors students would like. Boys: Slacks, button up shirts, dress shoes. Ties and jackets are accepta...